About us

Global Perspective and Proven Expertise

JBI Equity has built a strong Investment Team with operational experience in the target sectors, and proven expertise in structuring and managing unquoted investments.

The Advisory Board consists of investment professionals and industry experts, which create value to JBI Equity on different levels and strengthen the operational setup of JBI Equity. The expertise and experience of the Advisory Board brings a capability edge to JBI Equity.

The Partners together with the Advisory Board are pragmatic in sourcing new target acquisitions plus positioning acquired companies for future growth.

The Investment Team brings a truly global perspective to JBI Equity - as Partners and Advisory Board are located on four continents. JBI Equity believes this is crucial for success in today’s globalised world and particularly for the target sectors of agribusiness and food.

Sector experts with in-depth expertise, within the industry of target companies, will be appointed to the Board of each portfolio company in order to position the company for maximum growth.