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Johannes V. Hansen - Advisory Board Member

Johannes V. Hansen - Advisory Board Member

Johannes V. Hansen has a long and extensive track record from farm management and agribusiness; especially the pork industry where he has experience from equipment solution providers, animal feed and farm construction projects.    

Johannes began his career as a pig consultant for various Danish farmers' organisations. Key achievements included the introduction of the 14-day weaning period and the importation of the world-renowned Duroc pig breed to Denmark.

He was also involved in establishing DPL Invest A/S, an investment company supplying capital and export promotion for the Danish pork industry. DPL Invest eventually grew into a large strategic owner of farm assets. Johannes served as member of the board of DPL Invest and later became the CEO of the company from 1995-2009.

Under his leadership DPL Invest completed construction projects of 28 commercial pig farms, including sites in Slovakia and former East Germany. DPL still owns and manages 17 farms with the remaining investments successfully exited. An early innovator, Johannes also developed and introduced the Multisite System in Denmark, a pig production system designed to increase biosecurity and enhance yields.

Johannes holds the title of Cand. Agro (Master of Science in Agriculture) from the Royal Danish Veterinarian and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark.