Why Agribusiness?

Global Trends

JBI Equity has identified two important trends that favour investment in Agribusiness and Food:

1. Increasing Food Demand

  • Increasing wealth per capita is driving significant lifestyle changes, with the demand for premium quality food products rapidly increasing.
  • Growth in wealth per capita will continue to lead to higher protein consumption. Emerging Markets are the main driving forces behind increasing global meat demand.
  • The continuous process of urbanisation creates growing demand for agricultural products and production expertise 

2. Global Shift

  • Foreign direct investment, outsourcing manufacturing and international trading has shaped the world economic map over the past decades. A global shift has gone from the “old” industrial countries and moved towards emerging markets.
  • Agriculture has always been a lagging sector for new development in new markets, but recent trends in agribusiness identify new developments and growth across new markets. JB Equity believes that the global shift within agribusiness creates an attractive investment proposition.
  • JB Equity has found that a lack of communication, technology transfer and product exchange exist within the agribusiness industry across continents. We believe that we can add value to companies by extending opportunities across regional boundaries that include Europe, Asia and North America.
Worldwide technology transfer and product exchange