Why JB Equity

Experience & Expertise

JB Equity is a private equity and advisory boutique which focuses exclusively on agribusiness and food; leveraging considerable operational and investment experience in these sectors. JB Equity seeks to invest in companies which enjoy leading positions in their home markets and who have significant global market potential, particular in emerging markets.

JB Equity aims to create investment opportunities for profitable, cash-generative companies by successfully transferring their ability to create value in market-leading, often niche agribusiness activities to new growth markets. Companies of interest to JB Equity have tried and tested technologies, distinctive brands or know-how and superior operational capabilities which can be scaled up and deployed abroad.

JB Equity’s ownership is held solely by its active Partners who practice in the agribusiness sector. The ownership structure is designed to promote alignment of interests with JB Equity’s business partners, and further ensures that the Partners focus on long-term value creation. Each Partner offers specialised expertise and experience which allows JB Equity to adopt a strong, team-based approach to each of its investments and projects.