Why JBI Equity?

Investment Philosophy

JBI Equity’s investment philosophy is based on creating shareholder value while safeguarding the invested capital of our investors; following a solid and rigorous investment methodology. 

Key parameters of JBI Equity’s investment philosophy:

  • We seek to invest in well-managed Western agribusiness companies (and/or their foreign subsidiaries) capable of expansion into emerging markets via technology, know-how and/or branded food products
  • Early and expansion stage Agritech companies with compelling intellectual property (IP) and viable business models, especially within Animal Biosciences and related areas
  • We take a flexible and opportunistic approach within chosen sectors and in the geographical regions that we know best, but will conduct rigorous due diligence on all investment opportunities
  • We seek to work with, target or create companies that are within the segment of small to medium sized enterprises, and aim to realize value over a period that is typically between five to ten years, and not usually less than three years 
  • We emphasize the establishment of strong and properly-incentivized local management teams. Target companies must have the potential to become national market leaders in their respective industries, be cash-generative within a reasonable timeframe, possess sustainable profit margins and have credible and sustainable business models
  • We believe in optimizing and extending the value chains of our businesses, and will draw upon and leverage the global reach of JBI Equity’s partners and associates

When necessary, we believe in taking an active role in corporate management to strategically position a company for maximizing revenue growth and cost containment